Ligne ohmique pilode de 50KX avec cuve, pompe et échangeur refroidisseurs

Ohmic Heating

A heating technology that functions by means of an electrical current running directly through a product. It is the electrical resistance of the product that causes the elevation in temperature. The result is a remarkably efficient process due to the fact that the energy is released directly through the body of the product rather than at its surface. Therefore, the wall of the ohmic tube is free of sediment.


Exceptional Advantages

Ohmic heating is a continuous process for pumpable products. This technology offers multiple advantages:

  • The whole product is heated homogeneously;
  • Products with poor thermal conductivity can be heated;
  • Viscosity of the product is no longer an impediment;
  • Adapted technology for both homogeneous and heterogeneous products;
  • Texture and taste of the product are not degraded;
  • Sterilization and pasteurization can be achieved with a single energy source;
  • Less space required and reduced maintenance.


Multiple Industrial Applications

Industrial applications of the process are particularly advanced in the food, pharmaceutical and biotechnological sectors, where remarkable results have been obtained for a wide variety of products.

The direct heating process will be a strong determinant in ensuring the complete integrity of the active principles of these sectors’ products.