Ohmic Heating for sensitive products suche as dairy products.

Sensitive Products

Unlike heat transfer methods, the volumetric heating technology of the ohmic process can heat products in record time. Consequently it can proces more effectively sensitive products such as egg products, processed fruits, delicate dairy products, etc. …

Traitement thermique de produits encrassants

Fouling Products

What characterizes a difficult product is its bad heat exchange coefficient imposing a large temperature delta on the wall of the heat exchanger and causing a rapid fouling of the system. In an ohmic application the heat transfer coefficient does not intervene and there is no wall effect, which is why this technology is particularly suitable for products such as sauces, creams, cream cheese, viscous materials, etc.


Value-Added Product

A producer should offer products free of contamination to its customers but he/she should not neglect the quality of these products in a production environment to bring added-value and this is where innovative technologies are interesting.