Fast Processing

Due to the above explanation, the ohmic heating is able to increase the temperature rapidly and uniformly for both homogeneous products and heterogeneous products. This method greatly reduces the thermal shock compared to traditional techniques. The most sensitive such as taste and color settings are preserved from the original product.

Homogeneity of the Ohmic Process

Homogeneous Treatment

The results obtained with ohmic heating (confirmed by numerous studies) leads to a high uniformity of the heated product. This is possible because the product itself provides heat (heating volume) and does not depend on an external fluid with all the adverse  effects of walls phenomena (overheating, dirt, etc …).


The Compactness of an Ohmic Installation

Another important advantage is the reduction in size: while tens of meters pipes are needed in traditional technologies, the system uses only one ohmic modules short length, can thenceforth integrate resistance unit in an existing set without the need for a large space.