Ligne ohmique pilote de 50 KW avec cuve, pompes et échangeurs refroidisseurs

Ohmic Heating Technology

The operating principle of ohmic heating is based on the Joule effect, namely the production of heat as the result of a current flowing through a a body or a material which produces energy equal to E = RI ². R is the intrinsic strength of the product and I the value of the current travelling through the product. The electrical energy provided by the power supply, is transformed into thermal energy following the relationship 1KW = 860 Kcal.


Ohmic Tubes

Technology based on the principle of direct heating allows many different diameters and lengths of tubing. The parameters taken into account will be : conductivity, viscosity, and the percentage of pieces of products to be processed. Ohmic_tubes_en

High Frequency Signal

High Frequency

Ohmic technology has existed for many years but its main handicap was the alteration of electrodes in contact with the product for supply to the main frequency (60 Hz), Agro-Process has developed a high frequency technology to ensure the integrity electrodes.